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We carry a large selection of high-quality fragrance oils, as well as, aroma beads, essential oils, candle wicks, candle colorants, melt & pour soap bases, soap molds, soap colorants, and other soap making and candle making accessories. 

About Us

Tom and Glinda started as Starrville Soap Works in 1998 in Tyler, TX.  By 2000, we had expanded into candle making supplies and changed our business name.  For 18 years, Starrville was a brick and mortar store in Tyler.  During the summer of 2018, we moved to Springfield, MO where we now operate as an online store only. 

How To Reach Us

We made our move to Missouri so we could begin to take life a little easier and enjoy a bit of semi-retirement.  As a result, we are not always available to take  phone calls.  The best way to contact us is through the Contact Us form below, or through our store Facebook page. 

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Starrville Soap & Candle Supplies

Springfield, MO

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